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About Liezelijn

My name is Lies. Mommy of 4 + 1. Together with my 4 kids I live in Brasschaat. During the day you can find me in my workshop in Mechelen. In the house where my boyfriend lives with his daughter. Every other week I live with my boyfriend and our son Marcel in Mechelen. A (too) crazy situation!

In 2013, Liezelijn was born. My alter-ego. Liezelijn comes from Lies & line. In a nutshell, my style. Simplicity. Originally with the idea of going completely for illustration and graphic design. But Emiel's first birthday decided otherwise. 2013 is the year of the very first birthday crown.

In 2019, I decided to jump ship, chase my dream and turn my life completely upside down. At the time, I faced a lot of headwinds from those around me. A single mom of three quitting her regular teaching job.... 

But how could I know it would be a bad idea if I didn't even try? And how would I prove otherwise without jumping? The more it was advised of not doing it the harder it began to itch to do it. So I jumped! I jumped into the not so unfamiliar since Liezelijn had been my secondary occupation for a few years.

From that conscious day on, Liezelijn was no longer a hobby. But something with which I would support my family. And that was the biggest fear of those around me. Which of course I understood but which did not stop me from going for it. This is how I have always been and how I will always be. Dreams are there to be fulfilled, to be chased... Dare to dream and dare to jump. You only live once. Grab that life, that opportunity, with both hands!

Taking a moment to reflect on recent times, I can say I would do it again! Without a doubt! I am so satisfied with where I am at the moment, and even more curious about what is yet to come... And my environment? They have come around and believe more than ever in the future of Liezelijn.

"The art of life is not to be too quickly content with what you have. For how else can it ever get better." (Griet op de Beeck)