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Monstera (print)

 25,00 VAT inclusive

  • Color palette

  • An original teacher/master gift with a Liezelijn illustration.
  • Finished with self-written names, fingerprint of each child and a fun (self-written) message.
  • Finished print A3 mohawk white paper (324g)
    • illustration + self-written names/fingerprint/message incorporated.
    • Choice of 2 color combinations: soft or bright colors.
    • Digital delivery by mail ( names + fingerprints + message (dark marker/ink)
  • Wooden hanging system not included.
  • TIP: Have 1 mom or dad collect everything. You'll need this: White paper - black marker - dark stamp pad - possibly wet wipes/washing glove to clean fingers Have the student write his or her own name with the marker and stamp the fingerprint in addition. Possibly also have a student write a nice message.
  • Don't have a stamp pad? Then you can also do this with a pencil and tape. Draw a plane with pencil. Rub your finger in the plane. Stick a piece of tape down the length of your finger and press gently. Glue the piece of tape to the white paper and have the student write his or her own name next to it.
  • Scan everything in or take a clear picture and provide it to me by mail.
  • Delivery time 1 - 2 weeks Order by June 17, 2024
  • Questions? Shoot!

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